who we are

Kelly Ngo is a photographer and videographer.

She graduated with a film degree from The University of Texas, where she fine-tuned her skills and grew her love for creating visuals. 

Prior to freelancing, she worked full time as a videographer and editor for a media production company. She also worked as a photo specialist at GoDaddy.

Unrivaled in her passion and dedication to perfectionism, she will go above and beyond to deliver stunning visuals.

Her years of experience allow her style and creativity to shine through in every frame. 

Kelly believes there is a beauty to every moment just waiting to be realized; it simply requires the right eyes and expertise to find and capture it.


what we do

The services we offer include: 

Photography + Photo Editing // Videography + Video Editing

commercial (branded content for companies to show off your products/services, corporate events, etc)

product (stylized images on-site or in-studio, tailored for your brand)

portrait (lifestyle, grad shoots, headshots, and more)

music (tour, concerts, promos, album covers, music videos)

wedding (proposals, full wedding coverage)

food (styled at your restaurant or in-studio, customized to your style)

and more

If you don't see your needs listed here, don't worry - send us a message. We offer free consultations on what we can make happen for you. Thers isn't much that we don't capture. With a team of talented professionals, we can make it happen. For us, it's all about taking a moment and capturing its essence. We strive to capture and create moments that tell stories, evoke emotions, and preserve memories - through any and all mediums.

why you'll love working with us

We have an extensive background in multimedia, with knowledge in pre-production, production, and post-production. We take pride in being able to work in any aspect of creating content, and are able to independently take a project from an idea to the finished product. When you hire us, you're hiring a team of professionals at a cost-effective rate. 

We offer free consultations - we will take time to hear your vision and priorities so that we can offer creative ways to meet your objectives. 

If you're ready to book a shoot, create a video, or chat creative direction, contact us here. Let's get to work!


Q: Can you work remotely?

A: Absolutely - if the project is able to be done remotely (such as product shoots, editing, food styling, etc) we are more than happy to take on remote work. Book a consultation and let's talk details!

Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: That all depends on the scope of the work - however, we do offer rush delivery if needed for an extra fee. Please reach out and we can chat more!

Q: What is your price for ____?
A: Our pricing ranges depending on the complexity of each project. Not to worry! We offer flexible pricing so that no matter what your needs are, we can get you started with just the bare necessities or a full on masterpiece. If you are in need of a photo + video package, we can offer a bundle deal as well. To get an estimate, contact us for a free consultation!

Q: How big is your team?
A: Our primary team consists of two people - between the two of us, we are able to run at full-production for a fair price. If a project is more complex, we hire extra hands to help us out!
 However, we have been able to efficiently plan, shoot, and edit with just our small team. We like to think of ourselves as the kings and queens of all trades, and have dedicated a lot of time and energy into perfecting every skill necessary to complete a project from start to finish.

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 austin, texas // chromatonestudios@gmail.com

Chromatone Studios is a full-service videography and photography  studio in based in Austin, TX for clients around the world.