• Kelly Ngo

Adobe Lightroom - Before & Afters

I wanted to make this post to share the hard work that goes into editing my photos. I know a lot of people think that photographers just take pictures and they just turn out perfect in the camera. If that were the case, my life would be a a lot easier. But then again, I actually enjoy editing. It truly allows me to make an image my own, even if a bunch of photographers took the same photo, editing is what sets one apart from another.


I photograph a lot of shows, where the lighting is unpredictable and sometimes even nonexistent. To compensate for that, I shoot with lower aperture prime lenses. But even that can't save me all of the time. And that's where editing comes in.

I only just learned how to edit in Lightroom this past year, and coming from Photoshop, it seemed way too basic for me at first, I'll be honest, I didn't like it much. But I continued to use it and teach myself (and by that, I mean I dragged the sliders around until I felt happy wth each photo). As I continued to do this, I figured out how I could use color theory and my previous knowledge of highlights/shadows/tones etc to my advantage. I now have a pretty decent knowledge of what to do in order to get the look that I want. I will spend hours editing some photos -- I get so lost sometimes that I'm shocked to see the difference when I click 'before and after.' I know a lot of people don't like to spend that much time editing, but again, I learned in Photoshop, so anything I do in Lightroom will be way quicker than what I am previously used to.

I always photograph with editing in mind. Sometimes I purposefully underexpose while shooting to bring out the highlights in post, sometimes I overexpose to blow out highlights. Everything I do in my photography, from lens choice to camera settings to editing choices, is purposeful. And sometimes, when I make mistakes, I can still save them through some intense editing, and that's the beauty in it.

This is partly a post to show effort that goes into my photos, and partly a happy anniversary to when I first discovered Lightroom. Cheers to making some photographic magic!

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