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Documentary and travel video

Engage viewers with immersive video designed to inspire and engage

Why should you invest in travel or documentary video?

Travel and documentary video is not only about discovering beautiful stories and destinations-- it can be a means to connect with, meet new people, and experience other cultures and places. It is a powerful tool for telling stories, creating awareness + understanding across cultures, communities, and countries. It’s about capturing and documenting the essence of a story by pulling the viewer into the shot and taking them there. 

Through a filmmaking perspective, documentary storytelling can be a powerful medium to share unseen stories from unique perspectives through the exploration of any given subject. 


Commercially, destination marketing has become essential in today’s digital age. With travel video, you can immerse your viewers in the full tourism experience, allowing them to experience destinations from the comfort of their homes. Whether you are a hotel, tourism agency, magazine, or globetrotting guide, you can benefit from cinematic videos that are designed to inspire and encourage wanderlust.

Video is the #1 content type used by marketers to sell products and services.



Documentary and travel style videos require a team that can do it all. We thrive in these conditions and are proud to be able to “wear many hats,” while being innovative, resourceful, and quick-thinking.


We love storytelling and making genuine connections - which are the root of documentary and travel videos. No matter who you are, where you need us to go, or what you need us to create, we’ll tackle every challenge with passion, creativity, and skill.

Every step of the way, Chromatone Studios is your innovative strategic partner. As a creative content agency, we work on each production from top to bottom. The people crafting your strategy are the same ones behind the camera and the edit.

Most agencies have you choose between affordability, creative strategy, and production value. With Chromatone, you can have it all.

OUR documentary and travel

What Clients Say

"We really enjoyed working with Kelly and David at Chromatone Studios, they were easy to work with, always punctual, extremely professional, and responded quickly to all of our requests and edits. They focused on providing a comprehensive experience covering all aspects of video production and postproduction, resulting in top quality content for our brand. We look forward to working with them again in Chicago."
- Lorena Legarreta | Project: Dish'N Dames
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