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Capture attention with scroll-stopping videos designed to engage and connect

Why should you invest in pro social media videos?

It’s 2022 and I’m sure you’ve heard: ‘short-form videos are the most effective type of social media content.’ But what does that mean? It means that if you’re not keeping up with current marketing trends, your brand recognition will likely suffer. What are those marketing trends you ask? Instagram reels and TikTok. With billions of active users each, these apps have become essential tools in marketing.


Consumers have come to expect concise, clear, and direct information on brands, and they’ve only got a couple of seconds to spare before making their initial first impression. If your short-form social media videos aren’t up to par, you’ll be sent into the inevitable scroll void.


Through professional social media videos, you’ll not only be ‘keeping up with marketing trends,’ you’ll be on the cutting edge. Not to mention, short-form video is typically cheaper to create than its long-form counterparts.

85% of marketers rank short-form videos, like those on TikTok, as the most effective type of social media content.



As young creators, we understand how to navigate this new media climate, and how to make content that turns heads.


Still filming social content on your phone? Stand out from the crowd and take it to the next level with professional quality content that stands out in a wave of iPhone-only content. However, just because it’s professionally made doesn’t mean it’s not engaging and appealing to the younger generation. We find the perfect balance to meet your goals.

We help you make harness the power of social media to create authentic connections with your audience and offer content packages that allow you to post regularly, which is key for establishing brand recognition. And if you’re still deciding between IG Reels vs Tik Tok, we can create multiple cuts of videos that you can post on either, or both.

Every step of the way, Chromatone Studios is your innovative strategic partner. As a creative content agency, we work on each production from top to bottom. The people crafting your strategy are the same ones behind the camera and the edit.

Most agencies have you choose between affordability, creative strategy, and production value. With Chromatone, you can have it all.

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What Clients Say

"We really enjoyed working with Kelly and David at Chromatone Studios, they were easy to work with, always punctual, extremely professional, and responded quickly to all of our requests and edits. They focused on providing a comprehensive experience covering all aspects of video production and postproduction, resulting in top quality content for our brand. We look forward to working with them again in Chicago."
- Lorena Legarreta | Project: Dish'N Dames
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