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Visual Marketing Strategies

Visual marketing is the most effective way to establish your brand’s identity. Color, font, texture and other visual elements work together to evoke emotional and cognitive responses that become synonymous with your brand in the minds’ of consumers. As experts in visual marketing, our team at Chromatone Studios understands the nuances of how individual components of an image come together to make your brand stand out in the best way possible. Here are just a few ways we use visual elements to optimize your brand’s marketability.


The most recognizable brands on the planet can be identified with just a glance; these brands don’t rely on words to announce their presence, their logos have been imprinted on the global collective psyche. An effective logo visually represents everything a consumer needs to know about a brand in one easily digestible image. These logos activate connections in the brain between visual input and mental schema, and we come to associate these logos with concepts the brand represents.


Repetition is key for appealing to memory, and one way to ensure your brand is memorable is to maintain congruence between ads and across platforms. Creating a unique, recognizable aesthetic is just as important as creating an appealing image. Just as every image must convey your brand’s unique aesthetic, visual components must fit together to form one cohesive message, within individual ads and across ad campaigns


In addition to being informative and memorable, a visual ad needs to appeal to human emotion. The image needs to tell a story and the viewer needs to feel included in that story in order to connect with the product advertised. Our team uses visual elements to create dynamic, unified images that come alive.

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