• Kelly Ngo

How to Prepare for your Product Photoshoot

Preparing for a product photoshoot can be a daunting task. You’ve already put so much work into perfecting your product - from the packaging, to the branding, to the content of the product itself - you’ve put everything into this product, and you’re finally ready to show it off to the world.

But where do you begin? There are so many different kinds of product photos out there! You may be asking yourself: what kind of product photos do I need? How many photos should I get? Where do I even find a product photographer, and how do I know I can trust them with my product and money?

Have no fear - the product photography process is actually much more straightforward than most people assume, as long as you go into the process with a few key things in mind. Here at Chromatone Studios, we've shot a vast array of products and have compiled a list of tips for clients in order to demystify the process. Keep reading to discover how to prepare for your product photoshoot. Once you do your homework, working with a product photographer is a breeze!

Understanding your brand identity

Before you hire a product photographer, it’s important that you have already laid the groundwork for your marketing strategy. Understanding your target audience is an essential starting point in the process of finding a product photographer. Not only is this a good idea in terms of your long term marketing strategy, it can also help you identify what you’re looking for in terms of the style and tone of your photography.

For example, figuring out whether you want your brand’s messaging to be fun and quirky, or perhaps more serious and elegant, can help you narrow down your style options. Ultimately, this will be important to communicating visually, and if you come prepared with your brand guidelines, it will save you and your product photographer a whole lot of time and guesswork.

Plan your content strategy

Planning your content strategy is the logical next step after identifying your brand’s audience. Before starting the product photography process, it’s important to have a specific idea about how you would like to use the photos. Will the photos be used on social media? Your website? Maybe a banner ad? Perhaps you want a gif, or even a video as well. Not only does this information help the product photographer come up with a styling and shooting plan, it helps make sure you get your money’s worth by using your product photos in the most effective way possible. By having a content strategy, you and the photographer will both have an